Restoring Your Home Back to Pre-Disaster Condition

Call Nu-Look for Fire Damage Restoration in the Henderson, Madisonville, and Owensboro KY region

We all try and take the right precautions to avoid an accidental fire at our homes. But some things are simply out of our control. If your home has experienced fire damage, it’s time to call the specialists at Nu-Look Restoration.

For 15 years, we’ve restored homes throughout the Henderson, Madisonville and Owensboro region that have experienced fire damage. No matter how large or small the damage is, our experienced crews can assist with the restoration process, which includes:

  • Extensive evaluation of the damaged area and its impact of the rest of structure
  • Assessment of the home’s contents that might be damaged
  • Developing a complete plan for restoring the damage
  • Developing a complete plan for structural restoration
  • Removal of the harmful debris and the damaged elements of the structure
  • Cleaning and rebuilding the affected areas with quality materials and experienced labor.

Nu-Look Restoration is a fully licensed general contractor, so any and all types of structural damage can be handled by our team of experts.

Fire damage can have a significant impact on the whole home, even when the structural damage is confined to one room. Nu-Look Restoration is certified and trained in smoke and soot removal. Our cleaning technicians will thoroughly clean all the areas of your home that have been affected by the fire’s smoke and soot. Nu-Look’s expertise also extends to garment and textile restoration. Nu-Look Restoration is experienced and ready to handle all your residential cleaning needs associated with fire damage.

The process of dealing with fire damage can at times be overwhelming. The staff at Nu-Look Restoration understands this, and they will help you manage the unfortunate situation by:

  • Helping you rearrange your living space to enable you to stay in your home
  • Helping make the repair process go smoothly by coordinating everything
  • Helping as needed with selections and flooring
  • Advocating for you throughout the process, giving you a voice with your insurance company

Overall, Nu-Look Restoration does whatever it takes to get the job done. To get started with our fire restoration services, contact us today at 270-724-1111.